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I have been asked this question, “What is going on?  There are so many in line to change California.”   Yes, let me mention 3 (three).  There is the Three State Initiative.  The New California Plan.  The State of Jefferson movement.


The Three State Initiative does not address the real problem and that is representation for our rural counties.
New California has 40 (forty) counties are going through Article IV, section 3 of the US Constitution.
State of Jefferson is going through Article 4, section 4 of the US Constitution which guarantees the states a republican form of government.  It is very obvious we in northern California do not have that any more.  Our liberties are gone.   You are one of 931,340 constituents for your State Senator and one of 465,00 persons represented by your State Assemblyman.  So there you go.  How can you ever be heard?  
This is not representation.
It is suppose to work by growing the representation along with the growth of the population.
In 1862 it was capped  when California had 444,000 population.  Now we have 40 million and we have the same number of representatives.   This is not representation.
Our law suit, Citizens for Fair Representation  (CFR) VS Alex Padilla is for “lack of representation and the dilution of votes”. not for statehood at this time.  I hope this has helped you see the difference between these 3 (three) entities.
If you have questions go to soj51.org and their websites  Know the facts.
Doris Mitchell
Yuba City, CA
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