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How Many New Laws


Dear Editor,
How many new laws were passed by our gifted lawmakers this past year?  Would you believe that eight hundred (800) new laws were sent to the governor for signing?  It is true .  Ok, lets look at a few of them. The 12 cent a gallon more on gas.  The new tax on car registrations. The computer that will be put on trucks to see how many hours /miles the driver does in a day.  Cap and Trade for ten (10 ) more years.  And the Republicans voted for this one.  Private contractors are now required to use union wages.  (SB35 )  New fees from $75.00 to $ 225.00 to be imposed on real estate actions.  (SB 2)  On the ballot will be a three billon ($3,000,000.00 ) to build state houses for welfare.  Yes, that is a B .( SB3)
Do you really like being in a state that spends all of its time putting a chain around your neck?  Look at it like this:  these restrictions, laws, and controls are like the links in a chain.  You now have eight hundred (800 )laws (links)  around your neck, not counting last years around the same number.  No wonder we are so stressed out.  Hope is here.  It is time for SoJ51 to put a new star on the flag.  Educate your self and be a teacher to others about the truth that this is insane and we need  and want our liberty back.
If you are fed up  and think the time has come and liberty is worth fighting for you need to give of your time, talents and treasures and get behind this movement.  Let’s get it done. SoJ51.org is a good place to start.

Doris Mitchell

Yuba City, CA



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