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Let’s pretend for a moment. What IF? Do you have a choice?

How are patriotic freedom loving citizens looked at in the media?
How are Judeau-Christian values treated in the media?
How are we treated in court?
When are we not called vicious names?
I think we can say with all honesty there is something wrong with the political thinking in California.

        • Failing schools. ( rated 47 in the nation).
        • Out of control homelessness.
        • Terrible roads. Where is the gas tax money going?
        • Water shortages. How about a two-inch smelt more important than you?
        • Super high prices on utilities, gas, food.
        • Way over priced homes and rentals.
        • Name it and you pay a permit price.

Now should we wait till we vote in the guys with good common sense and love for the constitution?
What would that look like? How long would that take?

        • Reduce regulatory environment.
        • Make it fair for good teachers to keep their jobs by going to a merit system.
        • Pension Benefit Reform.
        • Create a environment that encourages private investments loose on housing, energy, water, and transportation.
        • Restore Law and Order.
        • No sanctuary cities.

Looks pretty good. Right?
What if there is a choice? Well, there is. The State of Jefferson is working very hard to make this happen.
You are part of that solution..We all need to use our time, talents, and treasures to fight for our rights as “We the People” . Your choice is to go to WWW.SOJ51.org and join the history making team.


Doris Mitchell
Yuba City, CA



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