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What Would the State of Jefferson Look Like


I get that question quite a bit.  There are lots of answers but let me name just a few: 

Electing our own Governor.  Who actually lives in the North and knows what we need and our problems.
Electing our own 2 (two) Senators to send to Washington DC.
Restoration of representation by returning to the Federal Model of government.
One (1) State Senator per county.
Less red tape and regulations that kill small businesses.
LOCAL CONTROL of tax revenue expenditures.
TOTAL CONTROL of schools and textbooks.
TOTAL CONTROL of prisons within our state.
LOCAL CONTROL of our water resources.
LOCAL CONTROL of our agricultural resources.
LOCAL CONTROL  of access to our public lands.
LOCAL CONTROL  of our forest and mineral right resources.
LOCAL CONTROL of our fisheries.
LOCAL CONTROL of air quality.  NO CARB.
LOCAL CONTROL  of our  state borders.
LOCAL CONTROL of immigration.
LOCAL CONTROL of tuition rates.
LOCAL CONTROL over state judicial appointments.
LOCAL CONTROL over voters ID requirements.
Lower sales taxes and lower gasoline taxes.

I hope you noticed all the times I used the words LOCAL CONTROL.  Does it not seem like a ray of sunshine to go back to being in control of all our own stuff?  All most too good to be true, but believe me this can happen and we are working very hard to inform you.

Doris Mitchell

Yuba City, CA



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