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So what is going on with the State of Jefferson?

Let me give you a little history lesson first.

In 1964, the Supreme Court case known as Reynolds vs Sims ruled that equal representation of counties in the state legislatures was unconstitutional.  This ruling unlawfully amended the Constitution of each and every state. Rather than allowing each county to have equal representation in the state legislature, the Supreme Court ruled that political subdivisions known a Senatorial Districts must be created.

So since 1964 we have been caught up in an unconstitutional law that was designed to take the power away from the counties and give it to others.  Little old Northern California that had land in agriculture, timber, and beautiful mountains had lots less population, so less power. Any one with  good common sense can see how that went for us.
In California there are 58 counties. which were carved into 40 Senatorial Districts.  

Instead of having 58 counties with equal representation they created 40 Senatorial Districts with equal representation.  So today, Los Angels County has 11 representatives in the state Senate, where as 11 counties in northern California have only one.—so look at that— they have a lot more voice than all of us,  for that matter all the rest of California.

The Framers of the Constitution wanted to guarantee that the people would have equal representation in the House of Representatives and the States would have equal equal representatives in the Senate.  Thus the GREAT COMPROMISE (Connecticut Compromise of 1787) was reached which determined that the House members would be based on population of the state and the Senate would be equal (2) per state.  So there you see what happened in 1964 is wrong.

Very easy to see why 21 counties sued the State of California for non-representation.  We are sick of our vote never counting and living in a state that is out of control  We are now in a process. There is a path in the Constitution to add another star to the flag and we are going for number 51.  

If you need more information go to SoJ51.org.



Doris Mitchell

Yuba City, CA



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