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The question this time is:

Why is the State of Jefferson not only necessary but absolutely essential?

California is a failed state and cannot be salvaged under the current regime.

The state is broke and broken.
The hand of government has stripped us from our rights and our ability to make changes.

So it is up to us. We the People. It is time for 51 (putting a new star on our flag.)

The State of Jefferson proposes a constitution that will protect it citizens from a tyrannical government that is out of control. California now just adores fascism and scoffs at freedom and  liberty. It claims to be tolerant, but only if you agree with it.

California spends more than it takes in and punishes us with heavy tax burdens.  Many people and businesses are leaving as fast as they can.

To make things right and back to what the constitution of both California and the Constitution of the United States says we can not do this with out a fight.

So will you join us in this great battle?

Can you sacrifice your time, treasures and your honor?

Can you stand shoulder to shoulder with other freedom fighters, liberty loving people to make a more perfect union?

Let’s add that star.

The real question is, “ What are YOU willing to do?”

Maybe a small start could be SOJ51.com


Doris Mitchell

Yuba City, CA



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